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IASIU Membership

Note:  If you are a current member of IASIU and need to apply for or renew your Oregon Chapter membership, click HERE.

IASIU membership is made up of more than 4,000 individuals representing more than 600 insurance and self-insured companies around the world. Regular membership is limited to employees of insurance or self-insured special investigation units, special agents or supervisors of the National Insurance Crime Bureau or Insurance Crime Prevention Bureau. Associate membership is open to insurance company personnel who support the investigative process and the law enforcement community involved in insurance fraud investigation.

In addition to membership in IASIU, chapters exist throughout the United States, Canada and Europe to enable IASIU members to better address industry issues. Currently, IASIU recognizes more than 40 chapters that adhere to IASIU guidelines and hold regular meetings and training seminars. Members of the chapters must first hold IASIU membership. For more details, contact IASIU headquarters.

Membership Benefits

  • Networking opportunities with thousands of industry peers.

  • Discounts to the annual seminar on Insurance Fraud.

  • Free subscription to the quarterly magazine - SIU Today

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